• Wed, Jan 2013
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Is Windows 8 a Game Changer?

Posted In Windows, Windows 8 - By Harkunwar On Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 With 0 Comments

Mobile gaming is the new growth area for online casinos and many traditional ones such as Betfair Roulette are introducing new mobile casinos. Mobile gaming apps have until now been targeted at the iPhone and Android phones. The reasons for this are clear to see; their iOS and Android operating systems are highly advanced and they make excellent platforms for mobile gaming.

However with the introduction of Windows 8 we are entering a new era of mobile phone operating systems, and although analysts are divided, many are praising Windows 8 for the following reasons:

  •  Windows 8 is more customisable than iOS
  • Multitasking is much faster with Windows 8; to see all of your recently used apps you simply need to swipe the screen.
  • Faster multitasking is achievable on Windows 8.
  • Windows 8 people app is much better at linking your contacts. Duplicate contacts are linked across all the social networks in which they appear.
  • Accessing settings on Windows 8 is much easier than on Android or iOS.
  • Although you can access and attach files with Android, file selection on Windows 8 is more advanced and easier to use
  • The ability to work with multiple apps which are shared across the screen and snapped together is extremely versatile.
  • Internet explorer 10 is much better than Safari or Chrome

Overall critics are impressed, although one of the very best features of the latest Lumia Window 8 phones is wireless recharging. This is a big step forward. Rather than fiddling with those wires and connectors all you need do to charge the phone is put it on its charging plate.

Whatever your take on Windows 8 it does appear to be a game changer. Whether or not it will end up being a game winner only time can tell.


Post By Harkunwar (136 Posts)

He is a 14 year blogger in Amritsar, Punjab, India. He does blogging for fun and tell the whole world about the latest tech news. Tech is a thing which he likes the most. He thinks that tech is a thing which gets improved daily and is a never ending process.

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