• Mon, Oct 2014
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Review on Zune PC Software (Music & Video Player)

Posted In Windows Softwares - By Harkunwar On With 1 Comment
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Today I will review Zune software for PC. We will discuss all its advantages and disadvantages. Good things should be first so lets start with its Advantages

Good things about Zune :-

Zune is the best Music and Video Player in terms of Interface. Its interface is superb and I have not seen any software with more better interface than Zune. It can play many types of Codecs ( used to play .mp4, .mp3 and all other music and video extensions ). You can also purchase Songs from the Zune Market. You can download podcasts from your Zune PC Software. There are some TV Show channel podcasts also. You can watch them too. Its quickplay window is also designed very nice. In the collection tab all the albums are placed in a good order. If you have a Windows Phone 7 Mobile then it is a must for you as you need to download apps from the Zune market.

Bad things about Zune :-

The first thing I would like to discuss is no support for FLV codecs. If you download flash videos from the net you are not able to play it because it does not have any codec for FLV. It is also slow in some PCs. In my home their are 2 Notebooks(Laptops) and no Computers
My one Laptops has intel i3-380m 2.53GHz processor with 6GB Ram and other has  Intel Celeron 1.73 GHz with 1GB Ram. It works cool on my first laptop but its is very very slow. Minimum requiremnt for zune is 1 GHz processor and 1GB ram but I dont know why it is slow. It also pulls up very much Ram

At the end I would say that you should opt for Zune only if your PC is fast enough to handle it otherwise it will take time to download and also you will get fedup with it very early. It will become you best soft

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