• Mon, Aug 2016
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Install a Very Fast Browser on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Devices

Posted In Android Apps, News - By Harkunwar On With 17 Comments
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Now you can enjoy Google Chrome Browser Feeling in your Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Devices. It will work on any device running Android 2.3.x. It is fast, cool, responsive and has chrome looks.


Steps for installing this Fast Browser on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Devices :-

1. Download AppInstaller in your Android Phone (Google Play link)
2. Download Google_Chrome.apk (Download link) and put it inside your Micro SD memory card .
3. Go to “Settings>Applications” and tick Unknown Sources
4. Now, through app installer install Google_Chrome. apk
5. Now remember by Most Important step “Enjoy”

[box type="note"]This is not Chrome this is modified version of a browser to give you good speed and chrome feel[/box]

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  1. Robhingston says:

    it don’t sync with my desktop

  2. Rcm_leite says:

    some vlgothic (japanese characters) fonts do not comes out, only a few. The browser is working pretty well indeed

  3. Павел Леханов says:

    “Okay did some digging around. The browser is Miren, not Chrome. It’s a browser from China and has a MIUI feel. An xda member translated it to English. Now why anyone would go through the bother of labeling it as Chrome I have no idea.

    Still pretty awesome though. Seems I’ve been testing a lot of Chinese apps lately. XD”
    By Silvane

  4. docomo Xperia acro HD SO-03D PART45 « smartphone says:

    [...] ところで何?あのデカイiPhoneもどきはw あんなんスマホのサイズじゃねーよw AQOUS ZETAはよさげだな、最初操作戸惑ったけど慣れれば悪くなさそうだ 116:SIM無しさん:2012/09/06(木) 14:55:52.41 ID:kcugJhEO:116 >>102 何が大きかったの? Galaxy Noteとか? 5インチだよね。 7インチタブレットとスマホの隙間を埋める製品なんだろうけど、ケータイとしては 大きすぎるかな。acro HDでもデニムのポケットに入れると不格好だし。 107:SIM無しさん:2012/09/06(木) 14:25:18.87 ID:wPtfRYtG:107 2.3用Chrome 結構使いやすいな! 108:SIM無しさん:2012/09/06(木) 14:26:44.55 ID:qvNwdlhg:108 >>107 そんなのでたの? 109:SIM無しさん:2012/09/06(木) 14:28:32.89 ID:wPtfRYtG:109 仕事中だからリンク貼れないけど、ググッとすればxdaにあるよ 113:SIM無しさん:2012/09/06(木) 14:42:04.52 ID:qvNwdlhg:113 >>109 ほー、4.0と同じようなやつなのかな 後でちょっと探してみる さんくす 124:SIM無しさん:2012/09/06(木) 15:49:58.12 ID:wPtfRYtG:124 >>113 http://www.freshnewsarea.com/news/install-google-chrome-on-android-2-3-gingerbread-devices/ [...]

  5. au Xperia acro IS11S by Sony Ericsson part69 | 人気スマートフォンまとめ速報 says:

    [...] 398: SIM無しさん:2012/08/21(火) 15:54:11.33 ID:O6jngrF8 googlechromeをacroで使う方法 http://www.freshnewsarea.com/news/install-google-chrome-on-android-2-3-gingerbread-devices/ 400: SIM無しさん:2012/08/21(火) 18:23:24.18 ID:Qobw8vHG [...]

  6. MegaTron 6.0.4 (Updated 10/02/12) - Page 48 - Android Forums says:

    [...] best bet(the link is earlier in the thread)] [if you Must have the Browser from 6.0.3 here it is:Chrome themed Maxthon Browser. 2 The Link for the themes are the original Links on the very first page, see when the last time [...]

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  10. Leo Wu says:

    Good job. I load it on my BB playbook.

  11. upul330 says:

    Thanx man it work pleasetell me how to root this mobile phone. I use zigo eon 5i android 2.3.6 cant root this device how to try this

  12. Prahlad Murasia says:

    Hey friend I am using SAMSUNG GT-S5360

    The AppInstaller Is incompatible with my phone so i can’t download it So what i do??

    • Shiki Nanaya says:

      that’s impossible how can not compatible with? my phone is same as your GT S5360
      nothing goes wrong so try again…

    • Guilherme Altéia says:

      Use o gerenciador de arquivos. Mas não recomendo utilizar este browser, poisnão é o Chrome. Utilize o Dolphin

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