• Sun, Oct 2012
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Reasons To Buy Android Over Apple iOS

Posted In Android, iOS, News - By Harkunwar On Friday, May 25th, 2012 With 5 Comments

Today it is the time of Android. This is a very Big Fact that most of People Buy Apple iPhones because they know that they can Show off with these phones. According to Me Android should be Your First Choice, Second Should Be Windows Phone 7 and then you Should Think of Apple

I have used both phones and I like the biggest fact is that the phone is yours and you can fully customize it. Apple has a very Big Disadvantage over this. In Android You can Download Free Hundred’s of Lock Screens From the Google Play, While in Apply You Always have the Old Boring “Slide To Unlock”

Android Provides You with a lot of Widgets and Most of them a freely Available on the Google Play Store. Just Search and Download and You are Done. If you Go for Apple iOS then you will Have the Boring Spring Board which has Nothing Except Apps.

Android has lots of Models available and You Can Easily Choose One. You Can Buy Cheap Android Phones such as Samsung Galaxy Y and Cheap Android Tablets Such as Data Wind Ubislate 7+ and also High End Phones like Samsung Galaxy SIII and HTC One X and Some High end Tablets like Asus Transformers Pad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Apple has Just Three Models of iPhones which are  iPhone 2G (Original), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and Tablets Are Also Three which are iPad (Original), iPad 2 and The New iPad.

You can Root your Android Phone and Jailbreak your iPhone. In Android You can install Custom Roms Which are available widely all over the Internet for Most of The Phones. After Jailbreaking Your iPhone you Can Just install Some Tweaks which will not Help You Much.

Most of the Android Phones have an SD Card Slot in them. This helps the Phone to get Easy Expandable Memory. While iPhones and iPads just have the Internal Memory and You can’t Increase your Memory Once You Want it. You also have to stick with iTunes to transfer files and You can’t Just Copy-Paste Them in SD Card as there is No SD Card Slot in The iPhones and iPads.

Most of Us use Bluetooth now a days for Sending Songs and many other Things. The Biggest Disadvantage of Apple iOS Devices is that the Bluetooth Transfer of the iDevices work only with one iDevice to Another. Though it has Bluetooth it can’t Send Songs. The Bluetooth is Mainly Made for Sending Contacts and Photos and Nothing Else. If you Go for Android then you don’t get any Such Limitations.

Android is Open Source which Means you Can Easily Develop Apps for it and You can Also Enjoy the Apps Made By The Developers. If you Go For iOS, It is not Open Source. People Can’t Develop Tweaks for It. Apple has Hidden all the secrets with Them.

You can See that The Points I have Covered Above definitely proves that Android is Above iOS
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Post By Harkunwar (126 Posts)

He is a 14 year blogger in Amritsar, Punjab, India. He does blogging for fun and tell the whole world about the latest tech news. Tech is a thing which he likes the most. He thinks that tech is a thing which gets improved daily and is a never ending process.

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  • angry

    Nice article and very good. I don’t know why people buy and adore iphones or any i device. JUst showoffs. Android rocks! Apple can keep all their stupid secrets to their grave…

    • http://www.freshnewsarea.com/ Harkunwar Singh Kochar

      Thanks, People buy Apple just for show offs

  • http://techbangla.net Ram Chagol

    average people don’t care about bluetooth, file system and other stuffs.. all they want to do is make calls, take pictures and listen to music. iphone is good for just those simple tasks. if you want to do anything serious, then you need Android.

    • http://www.freshnewsarea.com/ Harkunwar Singh Kochar

      Yup! I agree with you but still Android can do all the same things in a lesser price.

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