The Best Sonic Classic Game – Sonic 3 & Knuckles

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In the past decade, nearly 20 sonic games have been released and most Sonic fans would agree that the modern games are not as good as the classics. If you were asked to name your favorite or the best modern game, you won’t have too much trouble but if you were asked to the best classic game, then you would be spoilt for choice. Almost all of them are very good. But for sonic fans, Sonic 3 and Knuckles would be the favorite.

If you ask why, then the answer would be that this game has the best storyline of all Sonic Games till date and of course, who can forget the popular villain, Knuckles. But, the game is too short and you can beat it in just one day. You can check out the entire range of sonic games, classic as well modern sonic games at sonic games 365.

Sonic 3 opens after the end of Sonic 2 and his fall from ‘Death Egg’. Sonic, accompanied by ‘Tails,’ goes off in the Tornado, for investigating some mysterious incidents in the sea. After transforming into ‘Super Sonic’, he jumps off the ‘Tornado’ and lands on Angel Island’s beach. The game begins when Knuckles, his arch rival punches some of Sonic’s Chaos Emeralds.

Although this game is like the other games with similar titles, there are a few things that add variety to the game. The chief of these is the presence of Knuckles, whose gliding ability makes his gameplay different from Sonic. But, even though, Knuckles is given gliding abilities, he is not as good as Sonic. His limitations will make you stop and think.

Another factor that adds variety to this game is the different power up, giving Sonic particular abilities. Also, there are many boss fights.

What is so amazing about Sonic 3 & Knuckles is its old style platform and the bi-dimensional graphics. The characters bring about variations in the gameplay but it does not slow down the action too much. There are a lot of levels and platform elements like the giant rings that take you to the places to get emeralds, jumping pools, power up and others.

You have to use all the cunning that you have to beat this game. Play either as Sonic, Knuckles, Dr. Robotnik or Tails. This is an all time favorite with most of the Sonic fans even though it is quite short. But, don’t be deceived by its length because it is also a very complex game. In fact, it is a combination of 2 games – ‘Sonic & Knuckles’ and ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 3’.

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