Overclock Samsung Galaxy Y to 900 MHz

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Today friends I will tell you how to Overclock you Samsung Galaxy Y to 900 MHz.
The normal frequency of the processor is 832 MHz. This means that you will get an extra 68 MHz. I think you would be able to feel the speed of this 68 MHz. Some games which lag in Samsung Galaxy Y will not lag because of the extra frequency of the processor. You will meed to flash a custom kernel made by XDA dev Maroc-OS and all credits goes to him. Overclocking may decrease your battery, so remember this thing and don’t comment that the battery is decreased. Remember to install Custom Rom like Creeds Rom or Infected Rom (Both Recommended).

Update :- You can now overclock your phone to 1.2 GHz ! Check out Overclock Samsung Galaxy Y to 1.2 GHz

Now Here We Go :-

1. Install Odin v1.85 (Download link)
2. Download the Kernel for Overclocking Samsung Galaxy Y (Download link)
3. Turn Off your Samsung Galaxy Y
4. Press Volume Down, Home and Power button together till the Samsung logo appears and then leave it. Your Samsung Galaxy Y will be in Download Mode.
5. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Y to your Computer
6. Open Odin. Odin will detect you Samsung Galaxy Y.
7. Now choose PDA and the kernel file you downloaded (boot_0.8.00_RC_10.tar)
8. Leave other files empty and then click Start. Once the process is completed your Samsung Galaxy Y will Reboot and the kernel is installed.
9. Install No Frills CPU to Overclock it to 900 MHz (Google Play link)
10. The Most important Step Enjoy the Speed.

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  1. Rupeshr20 says:

    dude do we hav to tick cache partition during the installation process of kernal..??? rply fast..

  2. Rachmatiyev says:

    I’m sorry I’m just a newbie in Android. About overclocking, is it safe for the phone itself? And how to return it to the default settings after being overclocked? Is it safe to overclock the Samsung Galaxy Young up to 1 GHz? Thanks for the answers.

  3. Mike_garz7 says:

    is it normal for the processing to be slow?

  4. Mike_garz7 says:

    do you have a video on it?

  5. xxxx says:

    dont do this. it destroyed my phone

  6. Hendy Radzz says:

    hey my phone got stuck on the samsung logo! how about that? what’s the problem?

  7. des says:

    hey…..will this work on sgy duos

  8. ananthurocky222 says:

    hey ….i cant play gangstar 2 and gangstar wch….when i overclovked my galaxy y to 900mhz …rply fast ..

    • To play games like Gangstar, you need more RAM and overclocking will not do your work. Samsung Galaxy Y has very less RAM and also doesn’t have a good GPU. Your phone can’t play HD Games. You need an upgrade. Phones like Micromax Ninja 4 can play these games without any problem and are cheaper than Galaxy Y

  9. ananthurocky222 says:

    hey …i can play hd games before overclocking to 900mhz …..after i cant …

  10. reaperh819 says:

    why it isnt working on jellyblastV3 custom rom?

  11. […] Galaxy Y which helps us to overclock your Samsung Galaxy Y to 1.2 GHz. I earlier posted a guide to Overclock Samsung Galaxy Y to 900 MHz but the today one is more speedy and […]

  12. roane08 says:

    is it now working in jellyblastv3? thanks

  13. TL says:

    do you have a kernel with iptables that I can use with stock rom to run orbot, please save me, i need it. I’ve trried merruk 2.0 pre final no luck. 🙁 thx.

  14. Carlo says:

    odin does not detect my galaxy y when i connectd it..

    • guri says:

      step 1 : open odin in pc
      step 2: switch off the phone disconnect usb
      step 3: open download mode lock key +home key+volume down key together and press vol. up download mode will open
      step 4: connect it with pc via usb
      step 5: odin will detect it

  15. prateek arora says:

    dude where is the pda file i got .tar file and .pit (in odin folder )file

  16. prateek arora says:

    as this process is not safe so how should i backup my before kernal and data plz rply fast

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