How to Configure Your Wireless Network

A wireless access point is the best way to link wireless networks. Before this wireless technology, wired network was also available but its cost and complexity were high.

The wireless access points that are commercially available

are the ones that have an attached antenna to the host computer. When the host receives a wireless signal, it sends a wireless signal back to the access point. At this time, the receiver sends a radio signal to the access point to establish a connection.

The primary function of wireless networks is the transmission of data. A wireless access point will allow a wireless network to work seamlessly. It is the best method to connect wireless devices and transmit data without sacrificing signal. It allows a host computer to access any wireless device in the vicinity, regardless of whether or not they have an Ethernet port.

Because a wireless access point is a wireless router, it can be installed at different locations. It can be installed in your office building or at home. However, it must have a wireless coverage and signal within a defined range. Without it, a wireless network cannot operate.

By using a wireless network, you can save your hard-earned money for other needs. Wireless routers can be very expensive but the wireless connection and service provided by the access point to make up for the cost. The wireless technology can also be controlled and monitored through the wireless network security. This enables the administrators to get an insight about the behavior of the access point, to see if there is any problem in the system.

To start, you should know how to set up your wireless network. You need to remember that you need a gateway to help your access point into the internet. It acts as the door to your wireless network.

Next, you need to decide where your wireless network will be located. The position of the access point depends on how much bandwidth you want to use. If you don’t know what bandwidth is, you should use a site survey tool.

Now that you have the setup done, you need to consider what software should be used to manage your wireless network.

There are many of them available to download. Before you download, make sure that the software has good protection for your personal and corporate information.

When you configure your wireless network, the wireless router becomes the only gateway. You can set up and control your network through a control panel that is accessible from the internet. After you have already tested the software that you downloaded, you can start to configure your wireless network.

Before installing the software that you have downloaded, check for compatibility of the wireless network software. There are some software that can access the wireless network, and others cannot.

When the configuration is complete, you can start to test the wireless network. The wireless router must be ready to connect to the internet before you begin testing. Open the access point’s configuration page and then click the Access Point Properties.

  • In order to do this, you can use the web browser that is connected to the Access Point.
  • Once you click on the link “Internet Connection”, then you will be on the internet.
  • The next step is to enter the name of the wireless access point.