Managed WiFi

All-in-one Managed WiFi solution for businesses

What exactly is Managed Wireless WiFi? Managed WiFi is a managed wireless network which enables customers, residents, or visitors to connect to the Internet through multiple wireless access points around a property, ensuring property wide internet access. Managed WiFi is ideal for properties that are in locations where there are low or no wires available to provide traditional wired internet connections. Additionally, this service provides advanced security measures and reduces time required to set up and maintain a wired connection.

The most widely used managed wifi service is provided by WAP,

the industry leading provider of managed wifi access points. WAP provides numerous managed wireless access points for different types of device such as computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, and printers. Each of these devices can connect to a laptop or computer that has a browser and connectivity to the internet using a browser. Most printers will accept either USB or eSATA connections from most laptops, providing fast data transfers. To cut down on costs and increase convenience, WAP offers printers free WAN connection as well as FREE internet access for the users of all devices. Thus, printers can operate as wireless printers which allow them to connect directly to the internet without using WAN or local area networks (LANs).

Apart from printers, WAP providers also offer another popular managed wifi product, desktops. Most desktops have a small integrated screen which connects to a router and to the WAN. With the help of a username and password, users can establish multiple access points (landraces) and connect to the internet via these individual access points. In most cases, this works like a wireless LAN card, allowing computers with the appropriate drivers to establish multiple access points within a specified area. This allows for better coverage and speeds.

Similar to desktops, Managed WAN and managed wifi access points are available in a wide range of hardware and form factors. They are also priced in a wide range of range. Prices start at less than $100 for low-end and entry-level WAN and wifi access points and go all the way up to thousands for desktops. Some of the best sellers include Linksys EFi Wireless routers, D-Link DSSS Killer 2X Series, Netgear GEIGyx 495 Wireless Router and Kaspersky Internet Suite. Almost all of these products have been reviewed by tech magazines and have received high ratings.

Apart from providing managed wifi,

Managed WAN also offers dedicated WAN and LAN services from different service providers. This is useful for businesses that need to manage more than one WAN connection per access point. Businesses that require this can benefit from a WAN service provider which will manage the connection for each access point independently thereby giving businesses more flexibility to handle their business. An example of a WAN service provider that can give businesses a lot of freedom is Linksys.

One of the unique features that Linksys gives its customers is the mesh technology. With a mesh networking system, there is no difference between the public and private networks even when the routers are in the same building or in close proximity to each other. This helps reduce congestion on the network. If you need better performance from your managed wifi solution provider, having a mesh network would definitely help improve your performance.

The great thing about Linksys is that it has a very extensive collection of supported hardware and operating systems. This also enables customers to try out Linksys routers and wireless card using free software downloads. To get started, simply download and install the Linksys Osprey CCNA Wireless LAN setup CD. You can also go for the Linksys EZ Card starter kit which comes with a free Linksys router and free Linksys wireless card. If you are looking for managed wifi providers which give the most features for the price, then Linksys is your best choice.

  • However, if you want to get the most cutting edge features at a very affordable price, then go for Ubiqua.
  • With Ubiqua, you can create as many per access points as you want within a specified area.
  • You can assign a priority to different areas of a server like clients, employees, and business centers.
  • You can set up per access points in order to control where people go online or what documents are loaded onto their computer.
  • With Ubiqua, you can have the best of all worlds – a managed wifi service with the most cutting edge technology at an affordable price.