VoIP Business Services

Offer VoIP Business Services!

Give your hosted calling customers the flexibility and convenience they need with VoIP. Add advanced voice and video communications to your current managed and dedicated servers, meaning an improved ARP, increased revenues, and increased market share. Sell more virtual and dedicated servers.

Business Phone Services:

From basic communication to more complex customer interactions, hosted PBX systems give you the tools to move your business forward. Business phone services include hosted PABX systems and unified communications services for call centers, telemarketing, and customer service. With a hosted PBX system, your company’s phone service becomes unified. Telecommuters can get access to their computer and call from anywhere they have Internet access. And with integrated voicemail and auto attendant features, your calls are always answered and you can take calls at any time. A hosted PABX solution offers the flexibility of a dedicated PBX without the high costs or maintenance headaches.

Video Communications: Increase productivity and eliminate paper costs with easy-to-use video conferencing solutions. Reduce travel time and expense with the latest tools to create and deliver presentations. Combine video and audio conferencing services for a unique collaboration experience. Advance your business with cutting-edge VOIP services, from simple videoconferencing to full-service IP telephony with the merge of your phone system and voice applications. Your sales team can take calls, remote manage inventory, provide real-time data, or host remote offices from anywhere in the world using a standard phone.

Standard Telephone Number Hosted Systems: VoIP hosted PBX offers standard telephone number systems to businesses. Businesses that need advanced features can upgrade to more comprehensive plans at an affordable cost. All of the features and benefits of a hosted VoIP service are available with a standard telephone number. This includes call waiting, voicemail, forwarding, auto attendant, conference calling, IVR, etc. You can use an attached fax machine for connecting with an outside office, as long as your telephone service is set up to use IP services.

Business Phone Systems: A hosted VoIP business phone system offers all the functionality of a traditional PBX system while offering the cost savings of a hosted VoIP business phone system. All of the features associated with an IP communication service are offered in a hosted solution. This includes call waiting, voicemail, forwarding, auto attendant, IVR, etc.

VoIP Phone System:

A hosted VoIP phone system provides many businesses with cost-effective telecommunications solutions. With this type of business phone system, users are able to place calls from computers, smart phones, fax machines, cell phones, laptops, kiosks, web based applications and even email boxes. With this capability, customers can have access to their communications wherever they are, whenever they are available. VoIP allows people to place calls from anywhere, anytime they have internet access. This feature is especially useful for small businesses that need to communicate with clients and prospects, but cannot afford professional, local telephone services.

Compatibility: Because it is an online solution, your business can be compatible with any type of VoIP system. There are currently no specific requirements for using a VoIP phone service, like analog phones. Many VoIP providers will configure the phone service to work with any type of telephone or cordless phone, so you will be able to connect your analog equipment to the internet and make use of your existing analog equipment. Some VoIP providers will also connect your equipment to the internet through a firewall, so your calls can be made locally, as well as internationally.

  • All of these features together will enable your business to benefit from a low-cost VoIP system that provides competitive prices with the added ability to communicate to anywhere in the world at affordable rates.
  • These are just a few of the key features that VoIP business services offer.
  • VoIP systems allow you to set up a cheap VoIP phone service and expand your business to new areas, while still saving money and time on traditional telecommunications.
  • A VoIP business phone system can be installed and managed by the company’s IT department, making it easy for employees to take part in all of their business functions.