Microsoft Exchange Server

MS Exchange Server and Business Technology

Microsoft Exchange Server is a popular mail server and address listing server developed by Microsoft. It runs exclusively under Windows Server operating systems. It is used in almost all the Microsoft businesses and organizations. This server contains both the mailboxes as well as the email features like, contacts, calendars, tasks, email etc. Exchange Server is


What to look for in a VoIP telephone

VoIP telephones, or virtual phone systems, have become increasingly popular in recent years because they are significantly more efficient, reliable, and cost effective than conventional telephone communications. VoIP is a mouthful to most people, but VoIP telephones are actually quite simple to understand. VoIP simply refers to voice over internet protocol (IP), and it has


Search Engine Marketing Firms

SEO marketing for IT service providers is an advanced form of internet marketing that focus on search engine marketing, Pay per Click advertising, and viral marketing techniques. Search engine optimization is also known as Dallas SEO company or SEM. This marketing strategy was developed by a group of experts in the field of search engine


Funding for Small Businesses

Sources of Funds for Small Businesses are all around us. Most banks have an assortment of financing options available to people with bad credit. If they qualify, they can receive some good small business loans. If you are looking to finance a business or new project, online lending companies can help too. One of the


Remote IT Support

Remote IT support, sometimes called tele-IT support, can be an effective way to provide training and support to remote employees. It is an important element in the process of innovation. There are many types of remote support. The most common is tele-IT support, where a specialist will be available to answer questions from and train


What Do You Need to Know About Hyper V?

Hyper-V is one of the most successful open-source solutions for the management of virtualization and remote access. Hyper V solutions are designed for every major operating system. It can be downloaded, installed and configured on an individual basis and deployed to a Hyper V virtual server. The supervisor can run on any hardware platform and


How to Configure Your Wireless Network

A wireless access point is the best way to link wireless networks. Before this wireless technology, wired network was also available but its cost and complexity were high. The wireless access points that are commercially available are the ones that have an attached antenna to the host computer. When the host receives a wireless signal,